Friday 17th November 2023



Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th November

Book Fair

Tuesday 21st November

Rec and Year 6 Weighing and Measuring

Wednesday 22nd November

Year 2 Visit From the Fire Brigade

Thursday 23rd November

Year 2 Christmas Journey - King Centre

Friday 24th November

Non-Uniform / Mufti Day - Sweets

Wednesday 29th November

Choir Performance - Hook Library

Thursday 30th November

Choir Performance - Chessington Garden Centre

Friday 1st December

Non-Uniform / Mufti Day - Chocolates

Year 3 trip - Hook Library

Thursday 7th November

Christmas Fair

Friday 8th December

Christmas Fair

Christmas Whole School Carol Performance pm

Tuesday 12th December

Choir Performance - The Star and Garter

Wednesday 13th December

Rec and KS1 Christmas Performance 9.15 am

Christmas Singing to Nursery Parents - 11 am

Thursday 14th December

Choir Performance - Chessington Garden Centre

Friday 15th December

Year 1 Visit - Amy Woodgate Care Home

Monday 18th December

Christmas Pantomime

Wednesday 20th December

ABM Christmas Lunch 

Christmas Jumper Day

Thursday 21st December

Last day of term (early finish)

Friday 22nd December to Friday 5th January

Christmas Holidays

Monday 8th January


Tuesday 9th January

Children return

Tuesday 16th January

Year 6 Trip - Natural History Museum

Friday 9th February

Last day of half-term

Monday 12th to Friday 16th February


Monday 19th February

Children Return


Book Fair - Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th November

Join us in the library and stock up on gifts for Christmas.

Friday 24th November

It's non-uniform / Mufti Day on Friday.  Please bring sweets for the Christmas Fair, which will be held in school for children only. 


Supporting Friends

Odd socks marked the start of Anti-Bullying Week and the children have really been paying attention to what makes a good friends and how speaking up for themselves and others will prevent bullying.  

Anti-Bullying Week 2023 - Primary Lesson PPT (1).pdf

Helpful Reception Children

As part of Anti-Bullying Week, the Reception children passed around Jenny Jigsaw and talked about a kind act they would do this week at home or school.

"I am going to help Daddy hoover the house!" said Noah.

Emma said, "I am going to share my books with my brother."


Paralympian Kylie Grimes and her sports colleague Courtney came along to run a fitness session with the whole school and then led an assembly about her dream and commitment to, one day, achieving gold medals.  The enthusiasm and engagement from the children was amazing and Kylie was blown away by how kind and welcoming they were.  They really embodied this week's value of friendship with their smiling faces and boundless energy.  

Sponsorship is open for another week. 

You can learn all about Kylie here. 

Bowled Over at the Cricket Festival 

On Tuesday 14th November, a group of us from Years 3 & 4 went over to Chessington School to take part in a cricket skill tournament. Before we left, we were feeling nervous, excited and determined. When we arrived, we were sat down into our schools and put into groups. We then went around the hall completing some cricket skills, that included:

After spending a bit of time at each station practising the specific skill, we moved on to the final challenge of the day. The head coach called it 'The Speed Round' where all children had to stand in a circle and catch the fast paced balls. We had to display accuracy, good reaction times and confidence. If you dropped the ball you were out. There were 7 schools taking part and Max Opitz was able to win the challenge. We worked really hard as a team and are looking forward to other opportunities to do it again!   

Written by Daniel, Max, Amelia and Livie on behalf on the team which also included Evie, Phoebe, Ryan and Sashen

Scholastic Book Fair 

The Book Fair is on next week from Tuesday 21st to Friday 24th November, just in time for the Christmas season.  The children are very engaged in our Reading for Pleasure focus and this is a great opportunity to capitalise on their enthusiasm.  Last year, we raised over £700 and bought over 100 books for the school library.

The bookfair will have over 200 titles for you and your child to choose from and, with prices starting from only £2.99, there’s sure to be a book for everyone.  Each class will have the opportunity to browse through the books during school time. The book fair will be in the library and will be open after school for parents to purchase books from 3.15pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
You can buy books in a number of ways:


If you cannot attend the fair, you can purchase a gift card for your child online. They can bring this into school and choose a book


Nursery Learn about Diwali Celebrations and ... 

In Nursery, the children started the week talking about Diwali celebrations and Siaana came dressed in a traditional outfit. We looked at pictures, watched a video and made our own diya lamps. 

...the Christmas Story

Later in the week, Nursery had a visit from Insight who shared the Christmas story with the children. Some of the children got involved by dressing up as some of the characters to help retell what happened.  

The Christmas Story in Reception

Reception children also had visit from Suzie from the Christian group Insight. 

They had great fun dressing up as they learnt what Christians believe happened at the first Christmas.

Year 2 Materials Investigation

Year 2 have been learning all about the properties of materials and their suitability for different purposes. This week, the children tested materials to see if they could change their shape by squashing, bending, stretching and twisting them! 

Year 2 Hands on Houses

Year 2 got hands on in DT this week and practised their fine motor skills by cutting out nets to make into 3D shapes. These were used to create mini models of houses like those destroyed by The Great Fire of London in 1666. The children said it was fiddly but fun!

Year 4 Keeping your teeth clean

Year four are discovering more about their teeth and how food is digested.  Have a look at their informative posters on how to keep your teeth clean!

Reindeer Run!

In the summer term, Year 2 will be learning about the history of the seaside and are looking forward to having a visit from the RNLI. The children are keen to raise money for the volunteers whilst keeping fit and would love your support. 

Reindeer Run 2023 (1).pdf


Your Views Wanted: Parent Coffee Mornings

We have been running some very successful coffee mornings for parents led by Miranda from the Mental Health Support Team.  They have focused on helping parents to support their children through such things as anxiety, resilience in friendship and also for tips on behaviour management. 

It would be great to hear from parents and carers about the sort of topics that they would like to see offered and the best timings for these events.  Please complete the link for you feedback. 

Talking to Children About War and Conflict

When there is a lot of coverage of conflict and war in the news, children can experience a range of emotions in response to it and it can be quite a daunting subject to tackle  as their parent or carer.   

If you would like support with this, this leaflet helps by providing information on how to talk to all children in a way that is appropriate for their age. 

Managing anger webinar flyer.pdf
HRA Media Poster.pdf
ASD support group December 23.pdf

This is the full safeguarding team in school. They are all trained to Level 3 and everyone in the school received the annual update of Safeguarding Level 2 training at INSET.   

Contact details: 020 8397 3864 or email: to request a safeguarding call back. For pupil support, contact 020 8397 3864 or email: