The Ellingham Journey

Vision & Values

From Nursery to Year 6 and beyond...

Ellingham is a warm and welcoming school with a teaching team who are ambitious for all of our children in their education and well-being.  Through continual reflection on our practice and investment in training and the latest research, we provide a high quality education and have high aspirations for all children and will support them to achieve their absolute best.

Aspirations for the children extend beyond results in reading, writing and maths.  As well as a school curriculum that offers a broad and exciting balance of the creative, scientific and sporting subjects, we offer experiences that delight and connect children to the opportunities that life offers.  

This would include the opportunity to visit theatres, museums, galleries and to have workshops and meet with role model speakers as well as sports days, school plays and focus weeks, such as STEM week or arts week.


is to establish.

Strong Roots...

to help children to enjoy learning, make progress, learn from making mistakes and achieve well

Flourishing Futures 

so children can live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives

Our Values

Celebrating our values. We celebrate our values every week at our Excellence Award assembly.  Children are acknowledged for demonstrating our key values and for their hard work and celebrated by the whole school.  

They also receive house points for good work and behaviour, which contribute to their house team with a reward of extra play or a mufti day for the winning house. 

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We celebrate diversity and different cultures within our school.   

Defying stereotypes history  and RE, multi-linguilism, diversifying the curriculum - English 

Unconscious bias


All children need to be inspired so that they can build their dreams for the future.  We build memorable experiences into our curriculum through venturing out to museums, the outdoors, or special sites and inviting visitors into school, working with our local secondary schools or participating in inter-school sports and singing festivals.  

At the end of the summer term, we focus our efforts on celebrating inspiration, inviting in special guests to talk about their lives or getting involved in a whole school project.