Music at Ellingham

Music is amazing! Taking part in musical activities encourages interaction with others, whilst giving every child the chance to identify and celebrate their own improvement.  Performance, in particular, helps to build a team approach. We want all our children to enjoy and appreciate music through listening, participating, composing or performing, because we believe that this will enhance their quality of life physically, emotionally and mentally now and in the future.  Our experienced music lead, Mrs Pakes, runs two choirs and we participate in lots of wonderful singing events, from Festive performances in our local area to the Rose Theatre Singing Festival. We also make use of Kingston's Wider Opportunities: they provide ukele lessons for all Year 3 pupils and the children love learning how to play them and read music.

Mrs Pakes

Music Lead / Teacher

Choir at Ellingham

This is what some of our children have to say about being in the KS2 choir-

“Singing takes me to another world.”   Persey

“Choir makes me feel HAPPY because it helps me relax and I make people smile!”  Molly

“Singing takes me to my own world.”  Immy

“Choir makes me feel calm and chilled out.”  Sienna

“When I sing it makes me feel like I can do anything!  It makes you feel that great sensation that you’re happy!  When I am upset I sing because I can’t express it by talking.”  Trixie

“I like singing because it makes me feel good.”  Tom

“Being in the choir makes me feel happy and lets the worries come out of mel”  Miya

“I like singing because it gets me ready for learning.”  Emily

“Choir makes me happy because you can express your feelings to others.”  Gurleen

Music Policy 2020 - 21 updates.pdf