Please contact the school office to arrange a tour of the school with our Headteacher and Year 6 Ambassadors. 

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Please contact the school office to arrange a visit to the school or telephone 0208 397 3864

Starting school is a big step for children – the first step on a seven-year journey through the wonderful and exciting world of primary education.  All of our teachers are committed to making that journey a welcoming and engaging one, with fun and exciting opportunities to create amazing memories and help your child make the best possible progress.

Ellingham children are excited to come to school.  It is a pleasure to walk into reception classes and watch the children at play, laughing and developing friendships, sharing activities, getting messy and creative, and expressing themselves with confidence.  They are always so proud to share the latest sounds and numbers they have learnt, to demonstrate their newly acquired reading skills or show off their latest piece of artwork or construction creation. 

Our reception team encourage all of the children with care and kindness to move towards greater independence and to challenge themselves in their learning so that they make strong progress and have all the skills they need to move onto the next year group.  We know that working in partnership with our families is the key to success and regular communication between us is an essential aspect of your child’s education.   

Lisa Keogh


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